This majestic room is lined with bookshelves, tapestries, tables and velvet upholstered chairs. Three sets of french style doors lead out to your right.

(Search DC10: You notice a lot of items depicting fables and legends, the books seem to be primarily history)

(Search DC15: The tapestries appear to feature either the destruction wrought by a looming green dragon to human settlements across the immediate locale. The books, primarily history, have titles written in numerous languages but do seem to be written about dragon, dragon wars and rivalries, and dragon lore. Scattered among the books laying open on the desk is a handwritten journal which appears to be written in draconic.

A player who reads draconic will find that this is Celadon’s personal journal- a autobiographical hodge podge of first hand encounters and observations on historic dragon events. The name Fa’mora appears more than once- with descriptions of their encounters being rife with discord. Amid derogatory assessments of Fa’mora’s character flaws (haughtiness, moral superiority, etc) are long and passionate accolades of her beauty. And poetry….Celadon doesn’t appear to be a very imaginative poet, but he does try. Apparently, he was heartbroken when Fa’mora refused his advances and went into hibernation. Celadon took this opportunity to steal a legendary weapon from Fa’mora- for which he offers alternating justifications of spite and longing that she should come retrieve it upon waking.)

(Search DC25+ reveals a blueprint of two speciality rooms within the dungeon- the armory (and how to disarm the Death Ring) and the Bard Maze- the DC is lowered to 20 if players specifically say they are looking for any sort of map)


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