Maze of Wealth

You open the doors and several gold coins rattle out onto the floor at your feet. Looking inside, you see that the room is filled to ceiling with with piles of gold, silver, jewels, and riches from around the wall. Random paths wind through the piles of riches.

In the middle of the pile there is a large pedestal. Sitting on top of the pedestal is a miniature of Ashric’s Estates in a glass case. The pedestal is covered in lamp oil and is nearly impossible to climb. (DC 30)

(When/if the party touches anything but the Lost Item hidden in this room, a scarab horde attacks)

DC 10 search – locate and switch on the end of the wall, it is in the up position.

Players must find some one to pull it without touching the gold. Use a sliding DC scale based on their actions.

Once the switch is pulled a lever raises a pole in the southern pile.

Climbing the pole is a DC 15. At the top of the pole is a rope that can be used to reach the pedestal. (DC 15) But they must figure out another way to attach to the pedestal.

There is a trap on glass, DC 15. A failed attempted will send off a spark. Two failed attempts causes one of the sparks to ignite the pedestal. Everyone with in a 20 foot radius takes 4d6 damage, dc 15 reflex for half.

This will also cause more scarabs to emerged, but they also take the damage.

Maze of Wealth

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