Hall of Spirits

A low dark ceiling dampens the sound of your entry into this room as the door soundlessly swings open. It feels like a museum in here. Finely carved stone walls reveal alcoves accented with fine velvet curtains- drawn back to reveal pedestals within. The first alcoves contain the following statues:

First Set:

A small, hollow platinum bird statue worth 10,000gp

A larger bronze statue of an ancient hog with unique dwarven markings worth 1,300gp

Second Set:

A gold statue of a man holding a bow and arrow aimed at the sky worth 900gp

A druidic wooden carving of a mountain lion- worth nothing but, if someone picks it up, it contains a latched compartment underneath. The compartment holds sapphire. Wisdom DC16 for Hilda (or anyone else) to discover the sapphire contains properties to dispel powerful illusion spells when placed near an object hidden by an illusion. Yes, this will “bring back” the River Thrice. The sapphire is worth around 500gp. Accompanying a the sapphire is a note reading “Caution: Do not submerge in water, to not expose to shock. Choke hazard: supervise small children at all times”

Third Set:

A silver statue of an eagle inlaid with rubies- a chaotic entity is unleashed onto the party if this statue is touched. The statue is worth 1,500gp.

A marble statue of a dove worth 60gp.

Forth Set:

An ivory totem of all three dragon gods, ornately carved. Worth 1,000gp.

A blue glass bottle shaped like a tower with an unusual mist inside. DC15 Knowledge Religion reveals the lesser good god Om is trapped inside. Taking the bottle off of the pedestal releases a latch to a compartment inside that unleashes the Janni monster.

Hall of Spirits

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