After walking through two massive doors you enter into a vestibule of titanic proportions. Marble floors cover the expansive, empty room with columns supporting the high ceilings which look to be sourced from a variety of kingdoms. Across from you, a railing guards an opening to an atrium stretching down at least sixty feet , revealing the structure to be a traditional rectangular build out of several stories fashioned to dragon proportions. Across the open railing you see a staircase heading to the floor below.

Large, ornate oaken doors stand as barriers to your left and right.

In the cold interior stands only a single man in finely made, if not slightly antique, clothing. He pushes back his jet black hair and smiles warmly as you enter. “Welcome! Welcome. I am pleased to see you have all arrived relatively unscathed to meet my invitation. I trust my guards did not pose too much trouble?”

(players will respond accordingly)

“Good. I am pleased to host such esteemed guests. I have a few things which demand my attention. Feel free to make yourself at home- I have spared no expense to retrofit my estate to the talents you all so reputedly posses. Until then- adieu.”

His green eyes flash and he is no longer in your presence.

(Search/Listen DC10 reveals the echo of several fountains somewhere in the building, but you cannot really pinpoint where)


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