Bard Maze

The door directly across from the players has carved music notes in it.

DC 10 (Bardic Knowledge)
This is a folk song singing the glory of Celadon.

DC 25 (Bardic Knowledge)
The song is written in the Key of Bb

When the players entered the room, there is a loud tone that sounds.
DC 20 (Bardic Knowledge) The tone is a Bb note.
A mouth appears in the air and speaks this riddle:

To restore thy name
You must play his game
Scale through the doors
Stay low to the floors
And Risin we will proclaim

Players move through the maze using the following scale. At any door they can use bardic knowledge to guess the scale (25) and DC 15 once they know the scale to know the next note.

B Flat Scale:
Bb C D Eb F G A Bb

First room:
C Bb A#

Second room:
C E F#

Third room:
Cb G D

Fourth room:
Eb F Bb

Fifth room:
Eb F Bb

Ab B# G

Seventh room:
E A D#

Once they make it through again the players a mouth appears in the areas and begins to sing LA women singing:

LA Women (5:00 mark – 6 min)

After it is done singing all the other players recognize Mojo Risin.

Bard Maze

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