Atrium of Deception

Two massive doors swing in perfect balance to reveal a lush plain dotted by a prismatic arrary of wildfires. In the distance, a lush forest with old growth trees rising endlessly towards the horizon. A stone path winds through the field under the warm sun, beckoning you towards a rising spire in the distance.

After a brief walk down the stone pathway you come across a clearing with a cloud of dense fog sitting in the middle. The path way runs through the fog.

A detect magic will show that fog itself is magic, but there is heavy magical presences. If the player waits the full three turns, they will know that this is a fairy gateway and a not an arcane spell.

The first person to enter the fog will find themself on a bridge over a large rushing stream. The Stone pathway they were on appears to be older and over grown, almost to the point where they aren’t sure they are still on the same pathway. The path continues over the bridge to a rusted gate between a worn stone wall. On the other side of the gate the twisted tower stands in a dismal state of decay. The surrounding forest has become a desolated with leafless trees and grey and twisted. Strange looking blackbirds begin to gather in their lifeless limbs.

Standing in front of the gate is a man dressed in a raged uniform that resembles the grey cloaks, though it is hard to tell what it originally was with all of the tears, mud stains and dried blood. The man is holding a rapier like blade in his right hand and is standing in an on guard positions.

Once the player moves off the bridge towards the Man, he will identify himself as Rancel von Danto. He will declare that he has every intention to defend the life of the “Lady of the Tower”, and insist that they player turn around or duel to the death. Any conversation attempted by the a player who is not Talon will have Rancel von Danto become increasingly accusatory of the player insulting the Lady’s honor and declaring his willingness to defend her if they proceed to take another step.

Rancel von Danto will attack if the player makes a second step towards the player, or if the player says anything aggressive towards them. He will continue to taunt until

If a player is Kills Rancel von Danto, they will hand over their character sheet to the DM and assume Rancel von Danto’s position as the tireless guard for the Lady of the tower. Rancel von Danto’s body will appear before the players, and they are able to loot his items.

If the player retreats to the bridge Rancel von Danto will not follow, but will shot his short bow at them.

If a player retreats to the opposite side of the bridge they will find themself back in the atrium of deception, without the fog.

If the player is Sela, Rancel von Danto will taunt her by name.

Atrium of Deception

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