This large room appears to be not just an armory, but a training area of sorts. Rows of practice weaponry and dummies appear in on corner and shelves on one wall host an impressive array of potions and medical gear to serve as a quick infirmary for minor wounds. Notably, in the center, a pedestal with a very ornate sword stands lit in a dramatic ray of accent light.

(On the pedestal is Fa’mora’s weapon, The Wind Sword, aka the Schwanzstucker. Any player actively looking for this sword recognizes what it is immediately.)

If/when players approach the sword, the first two who come within a twenty foot radius of it are immediately surrounded by an impenetrable force field. If players are approaching at the same time, have the players in question roll with the two highest numbers being trapped. ONLY TWO players will be allowed in this segregated ring. This is the Death Ring- muhahahaha.

(after players are trapped) A wry voice echoes in the chamber. “I believe some may be seeking this fine weapon- and it’s yours for the taking. However, a sword can only be wielded by one hero at a time- and a sword such as this is deserving of someone who has truly mastered the art of war. Or are there no heroes here? We shall see. When only one remains, the sword may join you on your journey.”

_Forcefield is impenetrable by physical damage. Attempt to walk through/hit/poke through/etc the field physically causes 2d6+5 damage and repels the person back ten feet in the direction from which they came. The field is also impenetrable to magic damage- it absorbs any magical damage and increases the damage dealt on the next attack by +1 for every spell thrown at it. The only way to disarm the forcefield is to:

- only have one living character inside (the field will drop and allow the living character to exit)


-to disarm it using instructions found in the blueprint in the study. To disarm, find the hidden trigger in the top drawer of the main desk. _


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