Vyncent Arles

Male Cleric


You are Vyncent Arles, Master Cleric of the House of Wellington- a dedicated a faithful servant to your lord and god. While you deeply enjoy your profession of aiding others in their own spiritual journey and providing healing to those in need, if someone were to ask you what you love most in life, your answer would be your one true love, your wife of ten years, Melissa Arles.

How you ended up to be with such a loving and beautiful woman, you never will know. Melissa, being one of the many younger daughters of a minor noble house, was destined for convent service. Kind, winsome, and sweet she is your spark of adventure and one true love. If you have sinned in the eyes of your god to have eloped with such a fair lady, then so be it. You are happy to spend the rest of your days in service to the poor if only to return home to her sparkling blue eyes in the evening. Ten years together has ben but a day- you are overflowing with happiness whenever the virtues of the married lifestyle are brought into conversation. Why, everyone should be married! Especially to someone like Melissa- whose chestnut hair always smells faintly of fresh baked peanut butter cookies.

Such a tragedy that you she should be involved in the recent spree of treachery brought to Birmshire by the fabled dragon Celadon. You hear Lord Wellington’s ability to produce an heir has been magically revoked- while one of the best paladins in his service has, of all things, had his minor god captured. A god is nothing compared to what you have lost. What is the reward to have lived a faithful life to your cloth? Sweet Melissa has been magically abducted by the beast as well.

Adventuring is not particularly your choice of how to spend the few weeks of vacation you’ve been saving up from your service to the Wellington family. You’ve always been a bit of a homebody- especially since you have a slight risk of homophobia and subsequent fainting at the sight of blood. (rolled once per combat, 10% risk, faints for 1d3 rounds)

Four weeks after the disappearance of your wife, you have found yourself outside of a town just one days journey from the entrance of Celadon’s cave. While you hope to find some other adventure hungry travelers who might wish to accompany you in the task of recovering your wife, it is true that you would cross deserts and oceans to bring her back to safety.

You don’t have many funds available to you for hiring any help- but hopefully a dragon’s treasure hoard will be enough to entice some companion. Plus, when you aren’t on the topic of marriage, you do have a fairly entertaining personality. You are full of random useful facts from your love of reading, and you’ve been known to tell pretty entertaining jokes on occasion as well.

Vyncent Arles

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