Sela Tasa

Female Elf Ranger


Boiling with hatred for all mankind, you are convinced this treachery must be another one of their tricks. The Fortune of Aira, the jewel imbued with the magic prolonging the lives of your people, has been stolen. The note sent to your father still sits on his writing desk. It claims to have been scribed by the legendary beast Celadon. Celadon! A fictional beast made up to frighten young children into going to bed. This is no work of a dragon- this treachery smells of man. This treachery smells of a man….Rancel von Danto.

The Fortune of Aira has been coveted by man for centuries. Alchemists have long hoped to discover what ancient magic lies within that has kept the elven people of Forlyia living for decades beyond their blood relatives. Stupid man, such pure ancient properties cannot be used by such a filthy race. To what end has the Fortune of Aira been taken? In the hall below, your people weep for the death of their beloved leader, Airone Tasa, your father. The properties of the deep amethyst jewel can only sustain the people of Forlyia when it resides in the mountains of Un-Tasa. Without its presence, more of your tribe’s beloved elders- sustained into great years by the jewel alone- will soon pass into the other world.

This is the work of the von Danto dynasty- no fairytale beast far away. Ten years ago you were sold as a bride to carry on the lineage of the von Danto family in exchange for peace and protection of the Forlyia people. In exchange, your offspring would inherit the magic coursing through your very blood. Rancel von Danto, a face you’d rather forget. Fifteen years your senior, a brute with insatiable bloodlust, was the man to whom you were wed. Ten years you lived in that house of banal indulgences. You willed yourself to fail in producing an heir for the von Danto dynasty and finally escaped back into your homeland. Tension has been high as the von Dantos have suspected your location. Despite your family’s efforts to conceal you, they have threatened to destroy all Forlyia if you were not returned to produce an heir.

You suspected a war. You had no idea they would steal The Fortune of Aira and suck out the years of each Forlyian to force your return. It’s a cowardly act by a low and dirty race.

Still, you dare not march back to their land to demand its return directly. This note from “Celadon” claims the jewel can be restored to Un-Tasa by virtue of a champion. The elders would take too long to determine a course of action. This deed deserves a swift retribution. Still dressed in the Forlyian veil of mourning, you slide the note and its accompanying map into your pack and slip away into the night.

Sela Tasa

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