Sale Fa'mora

Female Dragon Shaman


You are follower of the silver dragon Fa’Mora, dragon shaman and true friend of the dragon race. Fa’Mora has awaken from a long sleep to discover her prized weapon- The Wind Sword- has been stolen by the vile beast Celadon.

The Wind Sword is an ornate weapon with craftsmanship beyond compare. It’s value as an artistic creation is invaluable, it was said to have been forged in the fire of Bahmut by long forgotten dwarven elders. Beyond that, it is a prized weapon with great power of its own.

By returning the sword to your master, you will be winning her favor and her desire to impart greater knowledge of her draconic power. In questing against Celadon, you expect to discover other secrets of the dragon world.

You are generally nonaggressive but quick and calculating- preferring to hold your opinion back until action must be taken. When caught in a fight, you eliminate the leader first in hopes of diffusing situations in the quickest manner possible.


Sale Fa'mora

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