Ryne Wayfaire



In a world where magic is used by the ruling class to subdue those of common blood, political revolution can only be achieved by those daring enough to master its power in secret.

After leaving home and seeing the gross injustices brought about by the Wellington family in the region of Birmshire, you knew you had to do something to change the world. At the age of 16, you joined your friends in an attempt to assassinate the Duke of Birmshire as he traveled to a neighboring province, but your group was overpowered. That day is seared into your memory, watching from your lookout in a high canyon as your mates were run down by his knights- beaten and left to die.

The tragedy and your subsequent passion for political upheaval lead you to take a more direct route to creating a shift of power in Birmshire. You joined the Warmage Guild, a secret group of common people dedicated to learning how to control magic and, in turn, overthrow the Duke of Birmshire. You have been bound to your mage family by a Charter- containing the names of the true children of the revolution. In hindsight, recording the names of those involved in a forbidden practice- a practice punishable by death- may have not been too well planned.

The Charter- containing your name and the names of 40+ other illegal mages- has been stolen by a legendary beast: Celadon the Dragon. Celadon….the name chills your very toenail tips. Your marmmarm, who was not only the most ancient but the wisest of all people in your farming community, claimed to have know the times when Celadon was awake. Whatever the disputes of man, Celadon’s chaotic torment of the people was five times greater in loss. Your marmmarm said that Celadon would fly into a village and swallow groups of people- five, maybe seven- in one single gulp! He would burn the crops the commoners needed to pay taxes to their Lords, and in return, the Lords would burn the commoners as penalty for failing to pay their taxes.

Celadon has stolen the Charter to entice the Warmage Guild into sending a champion to serve as some sort of “entertainment”. If you can trust such a beast, he has claimed the Charter can be won back by completing a series of tests he has constructed in his mountain.

Whether you bring back the Charter to conceal the identity of the Warmage Guild or convince Celadon to join forces with your guild to overthrow Duke Wellington, you’re up for the adventure. Of course, it would be just as splendid to eliminate the Duke directly and have a good story to tell your marmmarm over some turnip root stew

Ryne Wayfaire

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