Mukhtaa ibn Sa'fi al-Zi

Female Barbarian Half Orc


You are Mukhtaa of the Tribe of Sa’fi al-Zi, Warrior Daughter of the great Mukhton. You were born with the grey skin of the leader- a sign from The Seeing One that, even a a woman and a half breed, you were destined to lead. Before you ascend to leadership of the Tribe, you must pass through a rite of passage to prove your abilities extend further than physical prowess. Your ability to complete the quest set out by your father will show the tribe you are ready to lead the Tribe into a new era of orc dominion. It will show the Tribe you have the ability to communicate with the common world in a way that will allow the orcs to become equal with elves and man in the realm of influence in this land.

Traveling from the Eastern Plains, you have been sent with an ancient map to the Lair of Celadon- passed down from your great grandfather, a Moot of Sa’fi al-Zi, who was given the map in a great vision by The Seeing One. In the lair of Celadon lies the legendary Sword of Schwanzstucker, a weapon destined by the will of The Seeing One to belong to the leader of the Tribe of Sa’fi al-Zi.

You’ve ventured for six months over land to prove your worth. The last two months have been a little slow going, ever since some chauvinistic biggot named Ace Mansomething challenged you in a drinking game over your abilities as a female to wield such a weapon. After you were passed out under a table the map disappeared and you have heard along the way that he has been using it to also seek out the location of the sword. Let him have the map- only an idiot male like Ace would need a map to find a legendary weapon as great as the Schwanzstucker. You are a little pissed that he has the family heirloom of your map in his possession though. On your way back from Celadon’s Lair, if you don’t find him before, you’ll track him down to show him just how to use it before returning to your tribe and taking your place at the new Warrior One.

Mukhtaa ibn Sa'fi al-Zi

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