Mojo Risin

Famous Bard



Mojo Risin is a living legend; his music is known though out the kingdom. His face is more recognizable than even Duke Wellington’s. His songs are covered by almost every Inn Band.

Publicly, Mojo hates the fame. He takes every chance he gets to let everyone know how hard it is being famous. Unable to go enjoy any time out in public without his legion of fans hounding him. This life in the lime light has lead to him drinking heavily to deal with it all. The drinking, combined with the seemingly never ending number young groupies has lead many failed relationships. Which he blames completely on his reluctant fame.

Of course, that’s all bullshit. Mojo wants nothing more in life than to be famous. Sex, wine and mandolins if the life for Mojo. It’s true he’s had many of failed relationships due to his drunken infidelity, but he’s never really been happy in a monogamous relationships anyway, and has only ended up in those when women failed to let him again away with saying, “let me sleep on it… I’ll give you an answer in the morning…”

Mojo is also very politically active. And while he doesn’t get involved in a cause he doesn’t believe in, he rarely actually understands the issue, and often takes a stance on something just to keep his name in the papers. Mojo has recently spoke out against the way the “Heirless bastard of a Tyrant Duke Wellington”’s treatment of Elves. Calling for better relationships with the Elves of the northern Forest.


In combat, Mojo prefers the two weapon fighting style. Using a rapier in his main hand and a dagger in his off hand. Though he prefers to stand back and buff the party. He has an enchanted mandolin that provides an additional +1 moral bonus to his inspire courage.


Mojo Risin

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