Lord Wellington, Duke of Birmshire

Male Warlock


Lord Arthur Wellington; Duke of Birmshire; woke suddenly. Was it a dream? He wasn’t sure. It felt real. He set up and tried to sleep down his breathing. Something still didn’t feel right…

“Good evening Duke Birmshire.” Voice came out of the darkness. There was audible snap and the room was a glow with an unnatural light.

“Who dares uses magic in my presences!” The Duke was on his feet with his rapier Will Breaker in his hand. “Stand and face judgment.”

As the Duke’s eyes adjusted to the light he immediately regretted his outburst. The stranger fluidly rose from his chair, and towered over Lord Wellington. He was wearing plate armor that had an unnatural green tint to it, and wore a long sword sheath at his left side. He wasn’t wearing any gloves and had terrifying helm designed to look like a roaring dragon on sitting the table next to his chair. The sword made a ringing sound has the stranger casually drew it.

The Duke decided it best not to give the intruder any more time to think through a plan. He intended to feint a jab and the neck, bringing the intruder’s sword up high, and then slicing down on his hand. But man surprised the Duke by reaching out and impaling his hand on the blade, sliding it all the wall down to the hand guard.. His large hand wrapped around the hand guard and part of the dukes hand.

Lord Wellington was frightened at the man’s lack of self-preservation, but took the opportunity to unleash the Will Breaker’s magic. There was a tingling sensation as he forced a suggestion into the man’s mind, “If I drop my sword, and raise my hands in surrender, the Duke may let me live.” But the intruder’s mind was strong, and he fought back the suggestion.

In one fluid motion he yanked the Duke towards him, and the flung him across the room, crashing him into the wardrobe. He then drew Will Breaker from his hand and tossed onto the bed.

“Little Duke,” the man’s voice boomed from his throat has he spoke, as if it was magically
enhanced or came from a much larger being. “Don’t be foolish. I came here to give you opportunity.”

“Who are you?” Lord Wellington asked.

“I am the Great Deceiver; and rightfully ruler of this land; Celadon.”

Lord Wellington stared in horror at the large man, with Jet Black hair, pale skin and emerald eyes. Could this really be the ancient Dragon Celadon? “A likely story.” Was the only response the Duke was able to reply. Where are my men, he wondered.

“Oh, you don’t believe me? You doubt me? That nightmare that shook you from your slumber was no dream. Check for yourself.”

The Duke reached into the crotch of his pants, and found to his horror that it was true, his seed sack was gone. The monster in front of him laughed.

p .“Oh little man, don’t fret. I come with a challenge. A quest. Prove yourself, and I will return your seed. More than that, I will promise your seed will infused with magic well beyond what it was before I stole it from you. Your first born will be a son, and will be the most powerful warlock in the world. Fail, and you shall die, heirless. Your Duchy will fall into chaos and be swallowed by one of your many rivals.”

With that, the man just vanished. Lord Wellington picked himself up off the floor, and noticed that a letter had been stabbed onto the blade of Will Breaker.


Lord Wellington is always scheming. Always looking for a way to improve life for himself. He has his eyes on the Throne.

Though he is an evil man, he is a fairly just ruler. His punishment is firm, but fair. He finds that a happy, well feed Duchy is easier to rule than a disgruntle poor Duchy. Still; he has little tolerance for those who would oppose him, and does not hesitate to snuff out trouble makers.

Magic is power, and is no place for common folk. The King has outlawed magic for all expect the Lords of the Kingdom, who are natural sorcerers and warlocks. Lord Wellington sees them as a threat to his right to rule.

Lord Wellington, Duke of Birmshire

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