Male Dwarf Samurai


You are Kazaak- fierce warrior from the land of Kar. You’ve traveled from the other side of the world in a race to prove yourself as rightful heir to the Karlan Throne by bringing back the head of a slain dragon before any other ruling contenders. In Kar, succession is determined by this: each bloodline prince is sent out when the Karlan celebrates his 200th birthday. The first prince to return having completed the task determined by the Council is awarded the honor of secession to the throne. The other princes are eliminated for the peace of the clan.

You have sought the lair of the feared Celadon the Green Dragon. As one of the strongest contestants for the throne, you have decided to sail across the great sea to seek out a dragon of legend to further impress the council when you triumphantly return.

You are hydrophobic, overly proud, and naturally suspicious.


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