Sir Hodor


Sir Hodor had served as one of Lord Wellington’s champions since he was first knighted at the age of 20. He was the fiercest of Lord Wellington’s men. As such he was sent on nearly every campaign. A nature leader of men, Sir Hodor quickly rose to the highest ranking of Knight Hood., becoming renewed throughout the land.

Years of battles have taken a toll on Sir Hodor, some part of his body always aches, or is sore. He now walks with a noticeable limp. Because his body was failing him, Sir Hodor retired at the age of 36. No longer traveling the land in the name of the Duke, he found his life unfulfilled. He focused his energy on worshiping his God Om, becoming the leading (and only) Zealot of Om in Bermshire.

Sir Hodor gave away the fortune he acquired from his many war campaigns to the needy in the name of Om. Selling all of his possessions; save for his sword and armor, which he gave to his former man in arms Sir Dempsay for safe keeping; he has traveled the land preaching the ways of Om. Om, having only one true Zealot, made the former knight his prophet, and would routinely appear to him in the form of dreams, visions, and physically as a giant tortoise. (Actually, it was closer to a slightly large turtle, appearing physically takes a lot of effort for a small God such as Om.) Sir Hodor preaches to anyone who will listen of the great power and love that Om has for all of his followers. He promises riches, enteral life, or at the very least, a full belly to anyone who will forsake other gods and follow him.

This isn’t a very popular thing to do in a land where more powerful gods are known to make their presence felt. Still, people are willing to listen to Sir Hodor while smiling and nodding; evening offering him sanctuary and food; based on the reputation he earned while working for Duke Wellington.

Sir Hodor awoke one morning feeling… empty. He spoke out to Om, but Om didn’t answer. Which is unusual, Om has fallen into the habit of answering Sir Hodor smallest inquires, such as, “How is the weather going to be today?” Om offered no reply. The silence was frightening. Sir Hodor felt powerless and forsaken. But then he saw the note….

Sir Hodor,

Om is but a small God. Weak. Pathetic. He is no more powerful than novice War Mage, or street illusionist. It is an insult to me, The Great Celadon, that one such as yourself would give your waning years worshiping this feeble chelonian. I am Great. I am Power. I am Celadon. I have taken your God and will devour in two moon cycles time unless his prophet, the old and hapless former knight, comes to my cave to rescues him.

So come, Sir Hodor, seek your god and free him. So you may see how powerless he is. Or worship me in his stead, and I will grant you all of his power and more.


Underneath the note was a map…

Sir Hodor raced to the local temple of Bahamut. The Priest there took pity on his plight and gave him enough gold to procure a house. He rode day a night, barely stopping short of killing the beast, back to Bermshire. There he went to the manor of Sir Dempsay, retrieved his armor and sword. Thank his friend for keeping his tools of war in pristine condition, then proceeded to the cave marked on the map.

Sir Hodor

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