Hilda Wizeesfuc

Female Druid


You are Hilda, close advisor to Father Ranquil, leader of the Tribe of Thorim. Thorim is the largest Druidic tribe of the kingdom- roaming several thousand acres of old growth forest thought long to contain valuable mineral deposits. Its proximity to several major waterways also has made it attractive to neighboring realms, but the people of Thorim are not so easily subdued. In the War of the Falcon, seventy five years ago, Father Ranquil led the people of Thorim in a successful defense of their territory against two neighboring kingdoms. Using brutal guerrilla warfare and the intimate knowledge of the River Thrice, Thorim was victorious in pushing away those who wished to absorb their lands.

The River Thrice is not only an essential line of defense to the lands of Thorim, it is also a primary source of commerce. Thrice is a violent and unpredictable river, but its passage can save weeks of travel to those who are able to cross. Thorim has made a good income by hiring out guides who know the river’s secrets to hunters, trappers, and tradesmen.

One moon ago, the river disappeared. A barren craggy granite bottom stared up at the people of Thorim where a raging waterway once guarded their home. Father Ranquil has confided in you that this disappearance is no natural mystery- but part of a widespread sinister plan brought on by a chaotic dragon from long ago. He received a message from the best- challenging the tribe to send a single champion for “entertainment” in a game to win back the river.

Father Ranquil believes this game will not be one of strength, but of cruel trickery and mental prowess. He has chosen you to represent the people of Thorim.

Four weeks following the disappearance of Thrice, you and Manku- your oldest friend- are now just one day’s journey from the mouth of the dragon’s lair.

Hilda Wizeesfuc

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