Ace Manton



A fighter needs a challenge- and the best fighter needs to most challenging challenge to keep being challenged. Or something like that.

You are Ace Manton, and while you may not be the brightest you certainly are the most challenge liking fighter of all the land

This time, you’ve set your sights on the legendary Sword of Schwanzstucker. It’s the biggest, pointy-est, baddest, biggest sword of all and it would be perfect at your side. You feel like you deserve a sword like this…being that you’ve worked harder than anyone else to destroy the most enemies of all of Lord Wellington’s army. Your feats of strength are song worthy, and you think a sword like the Schwanzstucker would make more than a few bards spout a ego boosting poems in your honor. Heck, just think of the ladies once they see your big Schwanzstucker Sword. They love that shit.

Finding this sword is just about all you can think about- perhaps because you can really only think of about one thing at a time. Your parents always called you “focused”, because, being focused is a good thing.

Two months ago, you beat a map to the Lair of Celadon out of a dirty weakling of a half orc who was drunk at a pig town dive bar. She said she knew the Sword of Schwanzstucker resided in the possession of a dragon in the mountain. It took you a while to figure out how to read the thing- it had these letters all over it. But, after some time of travel and a few detours, you are now at a little town at the base of the mountain- doing a little pre celebrating at the local tavern.


Ace Manton

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